Looking for a Flutter events and meetups near you? Read our guide to connect with your local Flutter community!

Flutter is growing worldwide, and this guide will help you find a place to connect with your local Flutter community. First, read about how to find a Flutter event near you. Then, if you don’t see an event that fits your needs in Section 1, check out the steps for creating a new meetup in Section 2.

Find a Flutter event near you

To find a Flutter event near you, check out the Flutter team’s events calendar. If you’re looking for more of a community feel, try meetup.com or Google Developers groups (GDGs). GDGs are groups of developers who meet up regularly to learn and work on projects together.

You can also find out what’s happening in your local Flutter community by connecting with other developers via the official Gitter chat room or by asking around on Twitter with the hashtag #FlutterJams. There have been several “flutter study jams” that have taken place online where developers get together online and learn how to use Flutter through screen sharing, whiteboarding sessions, coding exercises, etc. You can start one yourself!

Check out the Flutter team’s events calendar

If you’re looking for a Flutter event that isn’t on our calendar, take a look at the Flutter team’s events calendar: https://flutter.io/events/. The page shows upcoming meetups, conferences and other events we are attending or sponsoring.

There are also many other resources for finding a Flutter-related meetup nearby. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Find out what’s happening in your local Flutter community
  • Look for events in your area. If you have trouble finding an event in your area, you can start one! Meetup.com (https://www.meetup.com/pro/flutter) is a good place to start looking for Flutter meetups in your city or town.
  • Set up an event on meetup.com and get people interested
  • Don’t worry about creating an official group yet: there’s no charge to set up an event on the website, and you can always change what kind of group it is later if it seems like it might be worth paying money to host.

Google Developers groups (GDGs)

Google Developers groups (GDGs) are a great way to get involved with the Flutter community. GDGs bring people together, who are interested in Google technologies and want to learn them. They’re free, they’re open to everyone and they’re local. You can find out if there is a GDG near you by visiting the GDG website here.

If you want to join an existing group or start your own group at your company, then follow these steps:

  • Find someone who already has experience running a GDG or hosting events in general. Ask them for advice on how to organize an event yourself!
  • If no one else knows how this works yet, go ahead and host one yourself! It might seem like a lot at first but once it gets going it’ll be fun 🙂

Creating a new meetup group

  • Find a location

If you’re hosting a meetup, you’ll need to find a venue for your event. Think about the size of your audience and how many people can fit into one place. Is there enough space for everyone? What’s going to happen with the overflow? If you don’t have any ideas yet, here are some places to consider:

  • Your home or apartment
  • A bar or restaurant
  • The library (a popular choice)

Find speakers who know their stuff

The best way to get started is by inviting guest speakers who’ve been doing Flutter development in their spare time over the last couple years. Speak with them about what they think about the framework and if they’d be interested in speaking at an event like this one! If none of them are available, ask around on Twitter; there might be someone else out there who would love an opportunity like this as well!

It is easy to find a Flutter event near you.

If you are in a hurry, it is easy to find a Flutter event near you.

Search for “Flutter” or “Google Dart” on meetup.com. You’ll see all the local Flutter events on this website, and there are usually many in any given area.

The Google Developer Group (GDG) website has an online calendar that lists upcoming GDG events and webinars. There are also pages for each region in which a group exists, including calendars that list all of their events for the year as well as some information about what they do and why they exist.

Check out gdg.com/find-your-gdg to see if there is already one close by! Or create your own!


Thanks for reading this post about the Flutter Events Calendar and local meetups!

Once you’ve found an event or meetup, we’d love to hear about the fun stuff you get up to with fellow Flutter fans. You can reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to share your experience. We hope to see you at an event soon!

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