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How to find the Best Flutter UI templates for your next project

When developing mobile applications with Flutter, leveraging UI templates can significantly speed up the development process. These templates provide a pre-constructed set of UI elements and layouts that can be customized to fit your specific needs, enabling you to focus more on backend logic and less on design specifics.

This article highlights four excellent resources where you can find a variety of Flutter UI templates, ranging from free basic themes to intricate premium designs.

Flutter Awesome

Flutter Awesome is a curated list of resources and tools for Flutter, including a rich selection of UI templates. The site aggregates various GitHub projects that encompass complete app templates, specific widgets, and custom animations. The templates are typically open-source, giving developers the flexibility to modify and use them as needed. Visit Flutter Awesome for a diverse collection of templates.


CodeCanyon, part of the Envato Market, offers a wide range of professionally designed Flutter templates that are perfect for those looking to get a head start on their mobile app development. The templates on CodeCanyon often come with full app functionality, which means they include both UI components and the underlying code needed to make the app work. This makes CodeCanyon an ideal choice for developers looking for more than just a UI kit. Browse their Flutter offerings at CodeCanyon.


GitHub is a treasure trove for developers seeking Flutter UI templates. Many developers and companies share their projects, including full-fledged apps and customizable UI components, with the open-source community. By searching repositories on GitHub, you can find numerous templates that can be forked and adapted for personal or commercial projects. Start exploring GitHub for Flutter templates by using search terms like “Flutter UI template” or visiting GitHub., the official package repository for Dart and Flutter, hosts a variety of packages that include reusable UI templates and themes. These packages are typically easy to integrate into any Flutter project and come with instructions on how to use and customize them. is an excellent resource for finding reliable and community-vetted UI components. Check out the latest UI templates at

Utilizing UI templates can drastically decrease the time and effort required to develop visually appealing and functionally rich applications. These resources offer a wide range of templates that cater to various design preferences and functional requirements, ensuring that every Flutter developer finds something that suits their project needs.

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